1Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: People should not spend a lot of time in communicating by technologies, such as through social media or with text messages?

  2More and more people are migrating to cities in search of a better life, but city life can be extremely difficult. Explain some of the difficulties of living in a city. How can governments make urban life better for everyone?

  3Which way do you think is the best way for a student to make new friends?

  -joining a sports team;

  -participating in community activities;


  4Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Drivers should pay a certain amount of fee to be permitted to drive out in traffic in peak traffic hours.

  5Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students do not respect teachers as much as they did in the past.

  6Do you agree or disagree with the statement: Governments have done enough to educate the people the importance of a balanced lifestyle and healthy eating?

  7Nowadays celebrities are more famous for their glamour and wealth than for their achievements, and this sets a bad example to young people.

  8Some people think that instead of preventing climate change, we need to find a way to live with it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  9Nowadays the way many people int...




  Passage One


  题目:The collapse ofCopan

  本文共3。第1段讲了Mayan的Copan 衰落的第一个原因可能是the king derived from commerce第2段讲trade 的兴衰对于Copan 衰落的影响。第3段讲到干旱 the drought 可能也是使其衰落的原因之一


  1. abrupt= sudden

  2. derived= obtained

  3. core=center

  4. presumed=supposed

  Passage Two


  题目:Sauropods skeletal innovation

  本文共4段。第1?#25105;?#20986;人们印象中大部分sauropods 是前肢短小,可以直立的。 第2段讲到不是所有的S都是直立的,一部分前肢和后肢差不多长,而且前后肢离身体中心比较开的一般不是直立的。第3段讲到他们的骨?#20998;?#21069;是密度大而且很重的,但是在进化中变得中空。第3段讲到虽然骨?#20998;?#31354;,但是如何不会变得week


  1. stance= posture

  2. intimately =closely

  3. hollow=empty

  Passage Three


  题目: Why Paleozoic Insects were so large

  本文共4段。第1段提出Paleozoic 之前大气含氧量不是很大;第2段讲到Paleozoic 含氧量大大提升,因此 insects 可以吸收更多氧气,所以变得更大。第3段讲到air got denser 所以更多insects可以飞;第4段讲到为什么insects没有变得像飞机一样大,因为都有limit


  1. attribute to= associate with

  2. critical= essential

  3. allowed for= made possible

  4. successive=following






  1What do you think is the best way for the tourists to know a city?

  Taking an organized tour

  Visiting the museums in the city

  Walking down the city streets

  Please give specific reasons and details to support your idea.

  2Talk about the biggest change in your country over the past twenty years. Please include specific examples and details in your explanation.

  3Talk about a popular actor, musician, or artist whose work you do not admire. Explain with details.

  4Your friend always feels nervous when speaking in front of a large group of people. What suggestions would you give to your friend to overcome this fear?

  5Teaching is a challenging profession. Even the best teacher can make mistakes. What are the common mistakes a teacher can make?

  6Sometimes people behave impolitely in public. Describe a behavior you find inconsiderate, explain why.

  7Choose one of the following natural environment and explain why you would like to live there most: mountain, forest, desert, prairie, seashore or somewhere else? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

  8Police officers, transportation workers or building designers, which do you think is the most important to a city? Please use specific reasons and details to support your opinion.

  9Your countries now take measures to attract a large a...




  Conversation 1

  话题分类话题分类:学生和学校的顾问faculty adviser

  学生是大学一年级学生,去找顾问,?#24471;?#33258;己的课程安排和担忧。他说自己的室友总是在炫耀自己好像有很明确学习科目和未来目标,比方说他特别?#19981;?#29983;物。而他自己选修了两门,money management和International relationship科目,但是他想换科目。顾问说这样很正常,通常在第一年大家都在适应期在发现寻找自己的兴趣点每个学生基本都会换一次科目的。学生还表达了自己对PE class的疑问,觉得学校就是学理论的地方,顾问推荐他rock climbing他说自己有恐高,所以顾问又推荐他team-building说又能强健身体又能培养合作能力,因此而改变了学生对PE lesson的看法

  Conversation 2

  话题分类学生和dean of students’ life


  Lecture 1


  讲的是树下面的灰烬embers可以给树根提供营养。又说了树脂resin 说它可以吸收昆虫啊保护有机物啊,所以很好,通过3维可以观察这些生物的特性,发现有共同特性的生物基本的生活习性是一样的。

  Lecture 2

  话题分类音?#20013;?#36175;Music Appreciation


  Lecture 3

  话题分类古历史Ancient history

  讲述的是the decline of S civilization。讲那个时候那里的人?#30446;?#28389;伐树木,造成很多岩石Rock出现以及当地水里面有大量的盐。再加上雨水,就有很多支streams。那时候的人用这些水灌溉结果造成粮食的不生长不能满足当地的人口。

  Lecture 4


  讲述的是水沸腾的经过。教授说在100度以内,给锅加水的话,锅底的热气heat会慢慢传导到水里让水变热,但是超出了100度,水沸腾的水蒸气vapour就不会再传热了,然后200-220度会出现一个Leinderfrost effect 的效果。





   is important for all towns and cities to have large public spaces, such as squares and parks. Is this a positive or negative development?

  "claustrophobia" is recently a word that is no stranger to the people living in big cities: which describes a newly found psychological disease. People who have “claustrophobia? usually find it depressed and unbearable to stay in a confined place for a long time due to different reasons. However the problem is that most of us do have to stay indoors(office, workshop, classroom, etc.) for the most of the time of the life. Therefore: it is of great necessity to welcome larger public places like parks and squares where the citizens can get close to the nature and get rid of the pressure in working or studying time.

  The large public spaces: first and foremost: provide a regular way for the local people to do things of all kinds more than their work. Sporting like jogging or playing badminton, which cannot usually be realized indoor: v.-ill certainly become one of the best choice for the young and old in spare time to get refreshed after a whole day heavy workload. Additionally, parks、with plants are also somewhere for people to have a bite to eat during the break while they are busy probably meeting someone interesting. Last but not the least, establishing as many as those large public places: the image of the city is will be laddere...




  文章题目 Timekeeping

  题型 判断 4 配对 6 选择 3

  文章大意 文章介绍了四种不同的计时方式的在过去和当今的不同地区的应用


   sundials have always been inaccurate to record time in ancient Egypt. (F)

   wooden shade clock were the only way to indicate period. (F)

  3. (T)

  ing powder (NG)

  Questions 5-10 Matching

  NB: You may use any letter more than once.

  A. Sundial

  B. Wooden shade clock

  C. Clepsydra

  D. Oil lamp clock

  文章题目 Fish communications

  文章大意 讲了鱼类的交流,德国科学家在红海发现红色的鱼,发现是激发荧光。鱼用这个荧光?#35789;?#21035;种群、标识位置、吓?#35828;?#20154;、掩盖自己和捕捉猎物。


  Fish Communication

  Can fish "talk?" And if they do, can other fish hear what they are saying?

  The answer to both questions is yes, but fish "talk" and "hear" somewhat differently than humans. Although not extremely common, there are several species of fish that are able to produce sound to communicate with members of their own and other species. Most of the fish that produce sound do it at such low frequencies that divers cannot hear the noises. But several species do produce sound in the range that humans can hear. For example, grunts are able to produce sound by grinding their flat teeth together (hence the name grant!) The large Jewfish, Nassau and Black groupers are known to make very loud "booms" when startled or cornered. Jewfish have ...





  Some students prefer to work on class assignments by themselves. Others believe it is better to work in a group. Which do you prefer? Explain why.


  I prefer to work on assignments individually. There are two reasons. The first is that I like to be in a quiet place while studying. If I study in a group, I will always be interrupted by group members who talk about irrelevant things. Then it’s possible that I can’t even finish the assignments. Once, I attended a group discussion. Many people were not even discussing. They were just talking about NBA games. When it ended, I got nothing from it. The second reason is that I’d like to think independently. Studying individually gives me enough time to develop my own ideas. When studying in a group, I will always be distracted by other’s opinions and thoughts. So sometimes many assignments are not done by myself but by other group members. Like last week, I worked in a group to solve math problems. It turned out that many problems were solved by others not by myself. I felt very unhappy about it.






  内容概述 运动中?#30446;?#19994;

  选择 6:

  11.What purpose for this activity/new course? ----- C. celebrate the opening of dance


  12.What day is the most popular day for this center? ----- B. weekday evenings

  13.How can guest get a discount? ----- A. book in advance

  14.What is the special offer? ----- A. free training hour with a coach

  15.Why did they win a award? ----- C. offering professional advisers

  16.Why did some guest finally quit? ----- B. did not share experience among friends

  内容概述 口述的足球对历史 Manager and team members telephone interview

  单选 5

  21.Where did you find the definition of “oral history?#20445;?/p>

  C. handouts from previous lectures

  22.What is the most important influence from internet on oral history?

  A. permanent records

  23.Why does Mike choose this topic?

  B. his father loves football


  25.What are the problems with Mike’s proposed report?

  配对 5

  A.Not reliable

  B.Too long

  C.Too noisy

  D.Too short

  E.Too factual

  F.Too complicated

  G.Too vague

  26.***** ----- F

  27.Time ----- B

  28.Recording equipment ----- A

  29.The topic ----- G

  30.Proposed report ----- E

  内容概述 介绍日本石器时代人的生活

  填空 10:

  31. 10,000 B.C.

  32. 通过...

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